Resources for Parents

Congratulations, your child is ready to head off to college!

Many parents have intense, mixed feelings about this exciting and eventful time in their child's life. But don't worry, you're not alone.

During this time, your job is actually pretty simple!

Help your child choose the right school that will help them accomplish their career goals, and then just watch over them as they blunder and stumble and learn, offering support when they need it, but also allowing them to make their own mistakes!

It sounds easy, but we understand as a parent it can be really tough to watch your child go through all of these changes, have these experiences, and sometimes struggles.

We also understand that you want to make sure your child is going to a college that will support them, both in school and as they begin to look for a career.

Find some helpful resources to help your child, and you, through this time!
Resources for Parents | Hocking College

Come along for the ride as your child embarks on one of the milestone experiences of their life.

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Events for Parents

Parents Weekend

Come hang out with your special Hawk and participate in the activity-filled weekend we have planned. 

Check back here for the dates of the upcoming Parent's Weekend!

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Drop By And Stay Awhile

Let your Hawk give you a personalized tour of the campus and then head over to Rhapsody for an early dinner! 

Or, head out on the bike trail in the morning with a picnic packed and spend the day roaming the Hills with your Hawk and their friends. 

You'll never run out of things to do on the Hocking College campus!

Know For Sure They're Making The Right HIRED EDUCATION Decision

College is expensive, and complicated, and as a prospective graduate, it's difficult to feel 100% confident that you'll have a career when you're done. 

One of Hocking College's main goals is to help our graduates feel confident that they will graduate with at least one job prospective job opportunity. That's why we're HIRED EDUCATION instead of higher education!

Resources for Parents | Hocking College
Resources for Parents | Hocking College

What You Need to Know About Your
Student Living On Campus

Students who choose to live on-campus at Hocking will have the opportunity to get the full college experience, which will ultimately help them mature as an adult.

About Hocking College

Do you have a child coming to Hocking College next semester? Here are some important resources you should have access to before they start!

Paying for College
Move In/ Move Out Information
Aid Disbursement Information
Campus Safety
Hocking College Counseling Center
Resources of Parents | Hocking College

Starting the next phase of your life through education may seem daunting. That's why we're here to help every step of the way.
Are you ready?

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